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I think all of you already know that my country, Indonesia, had to face several disaster within six months. Flood in Wasior - Papua, earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai - West Sumatra, and the last (yes I wish this is the last) is Mount Merapi eruption Central Java and Yogyakarta. Many victims who were injured, also not a few who died. Many damaged and destroyed houses. People who lost family and work. 

Especially in Yogyakarta, my home town, for more than one week, thousand of refugees living in refugee camp. Lack of sanity facilities. They sleep with no mattress, have no clean clothes, etc. They're scared about the hot cloud from the mountain that can cause death, but they had to go home to feed the livestock. 275 people died, many injured, more then 250.000 people live in refugee camp.

For two days, I helped my sister to become on of volunteers. She and her friends,we joined DREAM (Disaster Recovery and Mitigation - if i'm not made a mistake)team, opened a medical team who came from one refugee camp to another to help people and gave free medical check and medicine. We went to 4 refugee camp, three in the first day and one in the second day. The first day we went to Musuk - Boyolali, then SMPN 1 Kalasan, then Al-Fath Mosque - Muntilan. Here some of the picture we can took from the scene..

lack of visibility in the street because of the ashes

we gave the medicine after the doctors gave the prescription

the doctor taking care the patient :)

patients queuing

kids still studying even in refugee camp :(

worried old man

panic woman

child in sling fabric

the team :)

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