Go Snorkling, Go Menjangan Island

9:34 PM

I went to Menjangan island in December last year. Menjangan island is a small island located to the north-west of Bali Island and is a part of Indonesian Archipelago. In Bahasa, Menjangan means Deer. The name was given by the local population observing wild deer herds swimming to the island every spring and covering a distance of approx 1.2 miles (source : wikipedia)

The island is has its own beauty with its marine fauna below incorporates as one of the best-preserved coral reefs in the area. Because i didn't have any diving license, I just tried snorkeling. We met the local people whom manage the place, the boat renting all are from the local, and they're very well organized (no monkey business there). Here some of my picture from Menjangan Island. Oh well, i forgot to tell you, they also offered me underwater shoot with their camera, since i dont have any underwater camera :) nice huh?

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