Amed - Menjangan

1:47 AM

From west coast to east coast.
 Amed Beach till Menjangan Islands.

I had road trip with friends on last May. We went for two days, traveled far from our hectic busy life in the city. Start on Saturday morning, heading to Amed Beach, one of the famous diving spot in Bali, through the east coast of Bali. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery on the way to Amed, beaches, hills, mountain, rice fields, etc. After 2,5 hours drives from Denpasar. we arrived at a long stretch of coast lined with traditional outrigger fishing boats along the shore. We stopped at Japanese ship wreck area to start the water journey. We rented a boat for $25 (for 3 person) to go visit some snorkeling spot in this area. For you who doesn't bring your own equipment, you can also rent from the local guy for about $10.

After 3 hours of swimming on the ocean, we stopped at Sails restaurant for lunch. In my opinion, this was the most proper restaurant around the area. Then after, we drove again heading to Singaraja. Singaraja is a town in Northern Bali which serves as the seat of Buleleng Regency. Singaraja was the Dutch colonial administrative centre of Bali at that time. This town has an old town area near the old harbour. We stayed for one night in Singaraja at my boyfriend's countryside house. 

The next morning, we headed to Menjangan island for 2 hours drive from Singaraja. Menjangan island is a small island located 5 miles to the north-west of Bali Island. We went for snorkeling and rented a boat for $70 (for 6 person). Surrounded by unspoilt white sandy beaches, stunning coral reef, Menjangan is world famous for its magnificent gorgonian sea fans. These waters are also home to surgeon fish, angel fish, moray eels, scorpion fish, lion fish, blue spotted sting rays, turtles and occasional whale shark. This been my third time went to this island, but it's never failed to amaze me.

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