National Gallery Singapore

11:42 AM

Singapore, smallest country yet full of new things to explore every time I went there. This time, coincide with my visit, The New National Gallery Singapore had just opened for a week. Lucky me, the entrance fee is still free. National Gallery Singapore is a new visual arts institution which oversees the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The Gallery is housed in two national monuments - formerly a Supreme Court and City Hall - that have been beautifully restored and transformed into an exciting venue.

National Gallery Singapore will feature Singapore and Southeast Asian art in its long-term and special exhibitions. They will also work with leading museums worldwide to co-present Southeast Asian art in a wider arena.

The building itself is a Landmarks of Singapore's colonial past and journey to independence. The buildings have borne witness to many pivotal events in the nation's history.The municipal building was completed and declared open on 23 July 1929.And in 1935 plans for a new Supreme Court, design by Frank Dorrington Ward, were approved and unveiled to the public and opened in 1939. After served for so many events, in 2005 Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that City Hall and former Supreme Court Buildings would be converted into the new National Gallery Singapore.A two stage international architectural design competition for the National Gallery was launched and Studio Milou Architecture from France in collaboration with CPG consultants Pte. Ltd. was selected as the winning entry for the architectural design competition.

After a long walk, you can take a rest at their roof top garden or viewing deck. They have severals restaurants and cafes you can enjoy while seeing the view of Singapore skyline.

So, if you happen around Singapore, don't forget to visit this exquisite gallery. You can easily reach this place from City Hall MRT station. With admission fee of S$20, you can spend your half day in this find out about their latest exhibition go visit

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