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People always say, "you'll get your own experience of quarter life dilemma" when you reach 25. You can have a dilemma about anything; career, love life, physic, or anything else. I thought that was a non sense. You can have dilemma at any age. It doesn't have to be at 25. 

But, It's not life if it doesn't give you a surprise....

My first quarter months as a 25 was pretty easy. Everything was in a good way. Well, yes of course there were some problems, but it can be easily solved. 

To be honest, I can say 25 is so far my worst yet my best year. There are so many ups and downs. I lost count of it. Many life changing moments are occurred during this time; dramatic & overwhelming break-up, being far away from my closed friends, family, jobs issues. I might say, I almost in the stage of mental breakdown. Nothing I can do besides laying down and thinking about everything at that time. What I knew from that moment is I felt so alone, have to solved my problems alone since all of my best friends and family are in different cities. But somehow I realize, even if we live apart, I know they always support me no matter what. I could say, they were my strength at that time. 

And here I am. I made it through that chaotic moment and somehow found my self along the way.

I used to think that money, fame, success can give you happiness. But from what a learned this past few months, It is not. What make me happy is love and the feeling of being loved. What matter the most in life is when you able to be surrounded by the people you love and who love you back. Being able to know who will always have your back. That is priceless.

I also learned that in order to be happy, sometimes we need to burn some bridges and cut loose negative people for good and never look back at it. My circle might be decrease by number, but I believe it will be increase by quality. We can not expect people to always be good at us. I learn to know my self more and promise to always stay true to my self. As long as people who matters to me and I know who I am, it doesn't matter what people say or think about me. Whatever we do, good or bad, there will be some people who will always talk bad about you. Just do whatever we think is right, and what make us happy.

For those whom have been with me through bad and good times, I can't thank you guys enough. I won't be the person I am today without any of your support. My goals now is to stay happy, make you guys happy too, and be a better self. Looking forward to another adventures!

Welcome 26!

Here's some snapshot of my year as being 25 years old.

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