6:59 PM

It never have crossed my mind that today I will reach this moment.

It's still awkward for me to say "I'm Married!"

Our story begin in a very random way. We first met on an architect's event which my office held and had no contact until two years later (we remain friends on social media tho). We started as a friend which we only met occasionally. When I texted him after those two years long hiatus, it never crossed my mind that he'll be my partner for life.

This time is different. I am different. We did not do any teenage lovers thing, I know straight away that I'm in a mature relationship. We shared our thoughts, our dreams, our view in works and life, and we support each others goals. I'm comfortable enough to be who I am.

He was a stranger. A comforting stranger. 

And I was a hard-headed with trust issues person.

And that day, when he asked me to be his wife, I know for sure that I will never walk alone anymore.

Today, will be a remark of our Journey.
We promise each other to never stop growing.
Hopefully we can grow towards goodness.

Looking forward to get wrinkles together, Love!

Photograph : Askara Photography | Make up : Astrid Anisah | Hair Do : Jenny Subagyo

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